Maundy Thursday 2014

Re: It’s Time for a Schism Regarding Women in the Church; or rather, Is it time for a schism in the Church (i.e. the LCA)?

Some comments on Katie and Martin’s Blog on the Lutheran Church in Australia.

Firstly the LCA is not THE Church, the Church is where Saints and Sinners Worship God, in all Three Persons, and love God and follow His commandments to the best of their ability. Church is NOT where attendants choose to do what is right in their own eyes and ride – or are allowed to ride – roughshod over the Commandments of Jesus Christ.

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The time has come …
Dot point 1; NO, that means that those in the LCA who are for Women’s Ordination (WO from here on) need to reassess their adherence to Article II of our Constitution, if they cannot comply, then they need to select a denomination or sect where women may preach, contrary to 1 Cor. 14 33-38, and 1 Tim. 2 & 3. The Lutheran more than anyone else needs to obey God’s Word first and foremost.
Dot point 2; YES, if that ministry includes public preaching in Church. NO, if that ministry comprises chaplaincy to the sick, the shut-ins, or those in prison or other institution.
Dot point 3; Too ridiculous for words. This is directly against the teaching that Women were created to be a help suitable for Men (Genesis 2:20b-24), not lower, not higher, but equal with different vocations.
Dot point 4; Depends, if the speaker (gender inclusive) is a proponent of actions that contravene the Word of God then the Speaker should be ignored, vide 1 Cor. 14:38.

It was settled twice in National synods that women could NOT be ordained, c.f. 1 Tim 3.

There is a critical difference in women’s vocations, in the secular sphere women can be carpenters, or butchers and men can be nurses or midwives. But in Church we are bound by the Word of God as to what vocation is open to us; a woman cannot be a husband, nor a man be a wife.

Comments to the Blog.

RE: Janine 2013-11-25 (24?) 6:17 pm?
“Rights must be taken?” Is it a “right” that women may preach where capable men are available? Can you take what is NOT yours? It is out of context to say that women are oppressed in the case of Ordination, our Lord Jesus Christ never appointed a woman as an Apostle, nor is there any biblical and historical evidence that any of the 70 (72) who were sent were of the female gender, Christ Jesus showed us a very clear example. As for; “we should allow the new Bishop one Synod”, this is not only rude but also gives away that those in favour of WO only seek power over the LCA.

RE: Margaret 2013-11-25 11:40 am
There is no need to wait for WO, it is against the Word of God, it has been twice defeated in Synod AND it cannot be supported by those who maintain loyalty to the Doctrines of the Lutheran interpretation of the Christian faith.

RE: Karin 2013-11-25 11:11 pm
Leaving the LCA by those who cannot (or will not) subscribe to Article II of our constitution and the Articles of Union, will only purify the praxis and the outreach of the faith of our forebears. The remains of the true Lutherans may be small but they still stand for the Word of God as written and not as it is spoken of in aid of a different agenda.

Re Janine 2013-11-26 See my note on church above.

RE: Karin 2013-11-26 12:46 am
I agree that we must follow Jesus’ call as a first priority, this is best done according to His will and His commandments (1 John 2:3,4). It is debatable that those who leave the LCA are true followers of Christ Jesus in the sense of Matthew 7:21-23. To follow Christ Jesus, we must study His teachings and consequent commandments. Remember the hymn; “Love and Obey, for there is no other way.”, surely you do!

RE: Katie and Martin 2014-4-3 7:13 pm
Dear K&M, if you cannot believe the teachings of the Lutheran interpretation of the Christian Faith, then what is your purpose to stay in the LCA whilst there are other denominations that more readily represent your agenda? There are many denominations that accept women as preachers, e.g. the Anglican Church and in the extreme the Salvation Army where the spouse of the preacher has the same rank in their fellowship. Some Synods have now appointed female Bishops, how do you compare that with the Apostolic instruction that both Overseers and Deacons are to be a HUSBAND of one wife, can a woman ever be a husband? Even among those who give themselves over to unnatural practices, in M2M and F2F domestic relationships both males call their partner “Husband” and both females call their partners “Wife”, i.e. same gender title in a same gender relationship.
You suggest that it would be “churlish” for you to suggest that true Lutherans join another church, this very thing has happened in Northern Europe, where qualified male candidates for ordinations failed to be ordained for the very reason that they stuck to the Holy Bible c.f. 1 Tim. 2:12. Their “fault” was to stick to the written Word of God.
I do not see how you can call: “Join a church that matches your belief, do NOT attempt to change a church so it matches your belief.” ‘a shaky policy’. There are sufficient denominations and sects that accommodate the belief that one can go against the Word of God either in doctrine or in practice. It is better policy for a denomination such as the Lutheran Church – in this case the LCA as a Synod – to stick to the Word of God and NOT to disobey our Lord Jesus Christ.

Remember the reason for the Season, John 3:16
One cannot live a Christian life by disobeying Christ Jesus!