Amos Hedt.  Re: when you say the “clear Word”, I suspect we disagree on what that means.
Perhaps you interpret that to mean passages where the instructions of the writer seem to be presented as straightforward, as a “plain reading” would deliver? If the “clear” is only clear in the ears of some hearers, how clear is that to the Congregation of Saints?
Amos – When the Lutheran Church of Australia (LCA) accepts without reservation the Holy Scriptures of the Old and the New Testaments, as a whole and in all their parts, as the divinely inspired, written and inerrant Word of God, and as the only infallible source and norm for all matters of faith, doctrine and life, where does that put a dissenting member of the LCA? Where does that put those who remain loyal to the above, where does that put those who refuse to take part in part of the Divine Service where unauthorized people speak in contravention of the Word of our Lord? Where does that put the clergy who permit this disobedience to take place in their Parish? Where does this put a Bishop who knows that this happens in his area of pastoral care? and finally, where does this put you?
 I have previously exchanged opinions on this blog with a person called ‘Amos’ but that was another person.
Hence if my attitude was toward that person it was not addressed to Amos Hedt.
I have corresponded with many people who subscribe to the Book of Concord [BOC] and in particular the Formula of Concord, Part 1, the Epitome [FOC, 1, Ep]. as a Lutheran by choice, by faith, and by studying the Doctrines of Lutheranism, I intend to remain loyal to that.
Through medical misadventure, quite some time has now passed since my last writing on the subject of Lutherans being LUTHERAN.  The medical issue has not been resolved,  but some relief has been found.
My stance on the Word of God has not been changed, I still [strongly] subscribe to  BOC and its part FOC, 1, Ep.  This has resulted in both making likes and dislikes, and in some unsavoury accusations, the mildest of which was that I “hated” women.
However, I greatly admire the gifts God has given to women, e.g. a greater capacity for love and patience, a capacity to be multiskilled to a greater extent than a ‘single track minded’ male.
In my Denomination – Lutheran – Lutheran Church of Australia – we have as our Confession in our Constitution that we adhere to the Writings of the Old and the New Testaments as the “true” Word of God, and my readers will find that reflected in my writings.  I believe that where we differ it is one or more of (i) a difference of interpretation, (ii) a different level of study in the Holy Scriptures, (iii) a different agenda driven by secular values rather than God’s Word. or (iv) a knowingly and willingly departure from HIS Word.
So having re-introduced my stance on Christianity, I’ll leave you until the next post.
Semper Coram Deo.