Great grand daughters no 2


The above is my nickname since the late 60’s.
My real name is Christian Peter John Bahnerth, 1934 vintage.
I am a Confessional Lutheran who takes the Word of God very seriously.
My wife (since 1961) and I have: 3 daughters 1 writer, 1 manager and 1 carpenter; 4 grand-daughters 2 practical(working) and 2 brainy( 1 Uni, 1 High School); and sofar, 1 great-grand-daughter (1 lovable).
We believe in gender equality before God and recognise the difference in vocation for both genders, we recognise the difference in design of both genders with the main difference being above the neck. Not just the growth of facial hair but the difference in neural connection between the brain halves, making the tender gender more multiskilled and the other gender more one-track minded. My dear wife is the practical person in the marriage, my greatest supporter and the household leader, and I am more the studious…

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